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Half Bale Net Hangover Haynets

Half Bale Net Hangover Haynets

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The half bale net is where the newest Original Hangover Haynet originated from. They are the bigger, longer nets that you may have seen or ordered in 2021 as the first "Originals" and they're back in an even better way!

These nets are made for even MORE hay! Enjoy less packing frequencies with our 19x33" Halfbale net that will comfortably hold 5-6 flakes of coastal bermuda. Superior choice for those horses you want to keep hay in front of 24/7, horses on stall rest or simply because you want a haynet that will fit MORE HAY.

(due to packaging, when first opened these nets may seem a bit "drawn up". this is totally normal and netting will stretch with the first few uses)

Availible in black, 1.5" netting

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